Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time, who's got the time?

My goodness it has been awhile since I have posted! I am going to have to make a schedule to do these things!! Last week just flew by! It doesn't help that School starts tomorrow for the staff of our High School. I had a ton of errands to run, and boy does the time fly when you are running errands. Maybe I should change my vocation to errand runner. Surely there would be a market for someone who has the time to run across town several time a day!

This school year should be very interesting. I have to supervise the learning lab this year for 1/2 a day. I so wish I was in the library all day long, but I will make do with this new assignment. I am thankful for the job, the insurance, and the summer's off! With the Lord's help, I hope to encourage the students to finish their work and hopefully be of some assistance!

Last week my daughter came over to scrap with me!! What a blessing!!! She is getting quite good at this new hobby she is reluctantly beginning. I am having a blast with her!!!

Here are two layouts she finished:

I finished this week's OLW challenge. Loved this challenge!!! Don't we all need a little balance in our lives. Going back to work and getting back into a routine will be very good!!I just won't have as much time to chat and scrap!!

The quote states: "Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony." Thomas Merton

I also did a card class with Nikki Hobbs at LRS. Card 1b

Have a great Monday everyone!!! Only meetings for me so it shouldn't be too bad!!


Nicole said...

LOVE your 'balance' LO...especially how you did the title!!


april said...

yes, your daughter is getting good! You two are going to be like the Laakonen's before too long :)

Elisabeth said...

oh I wish I could get my daughter interested in scrapping with me...would be so much fun! Alas, she is more than reluctant, she'll only go so far as provide me with pictures! Your balance LO is absolutely gorgeous!

bruinbr said...

love that you scrapped with your daughter! very cute!

Great OLW lo too! that picture is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love the OLW layout!!!!!

Cath said...

Hi Kristi!!
She has done some good LOs, how nice to have a scrap buddy!