Friday, May 16, 2008

So proud!!!

What a whirlwind life has been the last couple of weeks! Last Thursday we moved my oldest daughter and her husband in to live with us for the next month. Saturday we attended the MSU graduation and we are so proud to say that our son-in-law graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He and Bethany will be moving to the fine state of Washington where he will begin working as a nuclear engineer. I can't tell you all the emotions that are flowing through me even now. I am so happy for them, yet my heart aches knowing that I will not get to see them every week. I will miss them so much, but I know they will do very well there! They are amazing kids and I know they will accomplish amazing things as they start this new chapter in their lives!
We are so proud of you two!! You are gonna knock their socks off in Washington!! WE are going miss you!!

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Susan Beth said...

They look so beautiful and promising! Happy transitions are still transitions that take time to be absorbed into our reality. This is a big one, but exciting and oh so healthy! Hang in there mom! And remember the leaving and cleaving process is so important and no where does God say it is pain free.