Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank Goodness for an extra hour of sleep!!

Daylight savings time ended this week and it certainly did feel good to wake up Sunday Morning knowing it wouldn't be as late as it seemed. Wouldn't it be nice to add an extra hour of sleep every three months or so. I could certainly use it!

I was able to get a lot done over the weekend, hooray!! I am all caught up on my laundry, I made two dinners for the week-a pot of stew and chicken noodle soup, I cleaned my kitchen and swept and mopped my floors, went to the grocery store, and I cleaned my bathrooms. This week will be a bear as it is Parent Teacher Conferences and Open House/VIP night at Hallmark. I will be working every night but Tuesday and also on Saturday, so I will virtually have no extra time. I am all geared up for the busyness, so hopefully it will all go by quickly!

I also finished a card class I will be teaching at Keepsakes by Design on November 20th.

There are plenty of spots open, so sign up at Keepsakes by Design today!! I always love teaching card classes and these October Afternoon papers are a delight to work with!!

I also finished up my projects from Color Me Daisy, but we have a surprise coming up for you later this week and I will wait until then to post my projects!

I started a new book this weekend and it is one that I think everyone should read!!
Here is a synopsis from Amazon: "Calling The Shack a truly unique piece of literary genius would be an understatement. It would be like calling The Sistine Chapel a simple work of art. But like both masterpieces, you need to delve deeper to truly appreciate what is in front of you. The story's premise is a simple one: the unconditional love God has for us all. It answers the questions we all grew up wondering and the answers just might change your entire outlook on life while changing your preconceived notions of theology. And yet, not everyone may agree with the ideas presented to them within the bindings of this work, they will all agree that this is the most thought provoking read to come out in years. I'll try to be brief with the story so I don't spoil it for the few left who haven't read it. A man loses his daughter in a most horrific fashion and his belief in God is beginning to strain. Suddenly he finds himself at a shack near the scene of his daughters disappearance where he is reminded of the love, truth, and wisdom of God. In short: it is about a man who lost his faith and through the powers of prayer rediscovers God the Almighty. The writing is flawless, the story is refreshing and warming, and the message sheds light on the power and love God has for us all. " It is truly a remarkable book!!

I hope you all have a great week!

May the joy of the Lord be your strength today!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head up on the book! I'll be picking that one up.

LOVE your cards! That should be fun for you.

Susan Beth said...

Loved The Shack - it's not the Bible, but it sure makes you think about Biblical things. Your cards look great in person too!

- Brenda - said...

Oh these cards are beautiful Kristii. As usual, you are so creative and I love seeing what you've put together! My father-in-law told me about The Shack, now I need to read it. Have a wonderful week and hopefully you won't be too worn out come Friday :)

Mary Jo said...

Kristii, I so miss the days sometimes when gaining an hour of sleep actually happened in this house (lol) Someday though when it doesn't mean the kids are just up an hour earlier (say 5am) I'll appreciate it again :0) Although I don't mind springing forward an hour since it means they sleep a little later than usual. How things have changed :0)

But I love your cards!!
And thank you for the book recommendation. I am always looking for good books to read!

Lea L. said...

Those cards are utterly adorable! Good luck with your class...I am sure it will be great!

That book looks like a good one!! I will have to check it out!

And I was wide awake at 6:30am on Sunday. Sigh...I actually don't like daylight savings time. I would rather go to work when it is dark, and have a little bit of sunshine when I come home. Oh well..

Have a great day!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Very cute cards, Kristii! I love them!

Anonymous said...

wow, your work is just amazing!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

cute cards

Francine said...

truly beautiful cards!!!

Mara... said...

Gorgeous cards Kristii!!!! What beautiful colors, love them all. :-)