Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Happy Monday!!!  It looks like we are going to see some sunshine today!!  In fact we have seen some sunshine on and off the for the last couple of days!!! It is heavenly!!!

I have to take a moment to think of my mom.  Yesterday was her birthday and Mother's Day is coming soon.  Holidays and Birthdays without your loved ones makes a heart heavy!!!  The following picture was taken in 2006 at Heidi's graduation.  I wish we had more time with her!!  That was the last time she ever visited Montana.  If we had only known!!  Next week we will be planting a Crabapple Tree in her honor.  It will leaf out and flower every year around her birthday and I will think of her with happy thoughts!!
I miss you mom!!!  

This weekend the boys had a soccer game, but Ben was injured and didn't play.  They lost 4-0, but it really wasn't a bad game.  Next week the team heads over to Hamilton which is about 3 1/2 hours from here.  It is a beautiful drive and I always enjoy the scenery.  I hope Ben is all healed up and ready to go next week!!!

We also traveled to Billings on Saturday for the State Music Festival.  The Chanson singers did an amazing job with their songs and scored a one, which is the highest score you can receive!!  I was soooo happy I was able to go!!!  The songs they sang totally moved me and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world!!!  Wouldn't you know, though, that when I pulled out my camera there was no disc.  What a dork!!!  Oh well, I won't forget that performance!!! It was amazing!

Here is the first in my Color Me Daisy May Kit projects.  I wanted to play with the Maya Mists and so I cut out a piece of cardstock from my stash and laid it in the middle of my patterned paper and used it as a mask.  I sprayed around the edges and these are the results:
I look forward to playing with the Maya Mists more in the future.  This layout is of my sweet dd Bethany.  She is such a cutie!!!  Those pictures grab my heart everytime I look at them!!!

I have some fun news!!!!  My friend Stacey over at ScrapStreet Magazine used one of my projects in her May Article, Chic Street.  You can view it Here.

I hope you have an amazing Monday!!


Nat said...

Loving this layout so beautiful!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mom!!!!! Congrats in the LO and the one you did is beautiful. I want to play with the Mists also and now you have inspired me!!! You always bring sunshine into my life!! We are in the third day of rain and it is expected all week!!!! Yuck!!!! Have a Happy Monday!

Lorry said...

I agree with Jocelyn, what a great tribute for your mom, and one you can enjoy for years to come! Glad you got some sunshine, Its been here for a couple days now and just brightened my weekend for sure.

D. Marie said...

Hi again,

That is a beautiful way to celebrate and remember your mom every year. I'm sorry she is no longer in your life. My mom had it hard herself this year remembering her mom because she just turned the age that her mother passed away. Her mom was only 52. I love the flower and all the details on your layout. Thanks for the comment about mine! I shall be posting dress pics as soon as I get the chance to try it on again!! Silly me! :)

vtpuggirl said...

Beautiful layout, glad you explained that it was mist on the edge, I would not have known! I've got some to play with, but I'm scared! :)

Carla said...

Kristii, that is a great idea to remember your mom!!
Love the layout, and the mask turned out awesome!! You are amazing!! {{{HUGS}}} going out to you!!

Lea L. said...

That layout is so sweet! I love it!

You are coming over to my neck of the woods this weekend, huh? Have fun in Hamilton!