Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thursday!!!

Boy am I glad its Thursday!! This has been an exhausting week after being away in warm, southern California!!! This morning the snow is softly falling outside and it is quite beautiful...I do miss the flowers and green grass in California, but there is something peaceful about an early morning snowfall!
I finished my Challenge Layout for Little Red Scrapbook and it really tells the story of this year's taxes in pictures. There is hidden journaling that tells the story of how our family is changing and our deductions of the past are no longer relevant and this year we will owe money to the IRS. It is kind of ironic since we are working harder for less....but isn't that the way it goes???? We fixed the amount of deductions we are taking and hopefully that will help us for next year....who knows since the tax codes are always changing. Any way, if your kids are getting older like ours, you may want to revisit your old W-2's and make sure your deductions are up to speed!!

I hope you get a chance to join in the Challenges at Little Red Scrapbook!!! The DT posts different challenges every month and they are sure to get your mojo going!!!

Design Team Opportunity!!!
Little Red Scrapbook is also looking for a guest designer!!! You can find all the details Here!!!!
I hope you try out!! I just love Little Red Scrapbook kits and you will too!!!
Good Luck!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!
I hope you have a peaceful Thursday!!!



Carla said...

Oh Kristii, I feel for you! Taxes are just so complicated! That is why have an accountant for husband is VERY rewarding!!! But it can also be a downfall, hehe, he catches EVERYTHING! Good luck with them and I sure hope next year's are so much better for you! {{{HUGS}}}

Lorry said...

Layout is fabulous!! and We too have an accountant, Yuo are brave doing your own taxes I haven't done my own in like 20 or so years!! Hope those deduction changes help!! xoxox

Tessa said...

cool layout!!

Mara... said...

I love the colors of the layout!! A 'taxing' subject but you make it look so nice and pretty!!