Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello From St. Robert, Missouri

Hi there dear friends!!! I don't have any cards to post today as we are on the road in Central Missouri. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, but it's a little smoky here as there are brush fires on the base. We heard that we are missing the first significant snowfall back home, but we aren't missing the cold one little bit.

Our first day out, we drove through Montana, the upper corner of Wyoming, and three quarters of the way through South Dakota. We stopped in Mitchell for the night and of course, Mitchell is known for the Corn Palace. We drove by at the crack of dawn and took a picture.
We drove all day Monday through the bottom corner of South Dakota, through the Missouri River Valley in Iowa, through Kansas City where we stopped at Archiver's (Whoo hoo!!!), and all the way to the middle of Missouri! It was a long day of driving, but we were so happy when we arrived at our destination!

Today we arrived on the base a little early and Katlin and I were so excited to see Benny, we couldn't help peeking through the windows. We weren't the only excited family members looking for our soldier, but we sure did squeal when we saw him!
The soldiers were pretty loose and happy when we entered the field house. We couldn't talk to them until after the ceremony, but there were exchanges going on just the same!! Doesn't he look happy???
Benny was one of many soldiers who received a special award during the ceremony. Benny received an award for scoring over 300 on the Army Physical Fitness Test!!! Whoo hoo! Go Benny!!! He had to march right by us and look how hard he is concentrating at staying serious!

After the ceremony concluded, Katlin was the first one to rush the soldiers and get a hug from Ben!!! She was just a little excited!
After the ceremony we all got a chance to get a hug in! We missed him so!!! Here's a picture of Benny and his Daddy!! Aren't my boys handsome??
What an amazing day it was!!! We ate at Sonic (cherry limeade heaven!!!!), toured the base, ate again at Ruby Tuesday's and chilled at the hotel before we had to take him back to the base!!! We had an absolutely wonderful day!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I will post more of our trip tomorrow!!!


Beth said...

I loved seeing the photos! Thanks for sharing Mom! Miss you all so so much!

Lorry said...

So glad you are having a great trip! Benny looks great and Congrats to him for his award!
I got a suprpze visitor today My dad stopped in on his way home to Boston!!! I can't believe it I never even knew he was going to visit in Iowa... Doin the happy dance for both of us!

Jocelyn said...

Oh this post made my heart sing!!! I love the pic of you two peeking in the window!!!


Susan Beth said...

So so so glad you are getting to do this! Amazing!

Diana said...

I love these photo. brought tears to my eyes. You have to be so proud of him. Tell him Thank you for serving our Country.