Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As I draw near to the big 4-5, (I just can't bring myself to say it, lol!!), I am being reminded of just how old I really am.
*My kids will all be 23, 21, and 17 respectively-that alone makes me feel ancient!
*those fine lines around my eyes are becoming canyons!
*the body is just not cooperating any more-I hurt my back this week and I am having to take it easy-(I am really too young for back problems aren't I???)
*My mind is still sharp, but it still thinks I am young until my body complains....what's a girl to do?
First of all, I am going to take 2 aspirin, lol! Then I am going to ask for a new computer chair for my birthday. I spend way too much time in this uncomfortable one and I am tired of my back complaining. I am going to carefully stretch and take better care of myself. (ok, I have said that before....but now my back is demanding it!) I have to slow down, end of story!

Not only do I need to take better care of myself physically, but I have to take better care of myself spriritually too! My bible study's session two is entitled, "Our Eyes Look to the Lord". Consider this quote, " entire chain reaction begins with our eyes and ultimately affects our hearts, souls and minds. Where we look-where we genuinely fasten our gaze-amid continual life challenges has a tremendous impact on how we feel." Is my gaze on the things of this world, or am I looking to Christ and listening to His words? How differently I see things when I am reading and praying and spending time with the Lord!

I hope you will gaze on the day's events with Christ's perspective! I will be thankful for my aching back because it is causing me to slow down and only do those things which are truly important.

Hope you have a great day filled with joy,


Susan Beth said...

You are looking just fine my friend! Sorry your back is hurting. Glad the Lord is there to give the healing that really matters!

Chris Dodaj said...

I agree, you look fantastic!! I highly recommend accupuncture, nothing ever made my back feel so good.
Have a blessed day, Kristi!!

Larajc said...

Thank you for the inspirational message, perhaps if we spent more time looking at things through His perspective, we might become less judgmental and more kind unto others. Hope your back feels better Kristii!

Anonymous said...

I so love reading your blog Kristii!
Your so cute with your back...... you know what my mother would tell me, that I need to do sit up's it is because of my stomach muscles {at least for me} my chicks took them away from me and I never worked at getting them back. LOL!
I loved seeing your photo's of your trip. I so love the colors of fall. I agree photographs never show the full glory of the trees.
That kit you used for your latest lo's totally rock! One of these days Im going to have the extra $$$ to invest in a kit club.
Thanks for sharing what you are learning in your bible study group, I enjoy it. I need to get back onto Faith Sisters. For some reason It will not let me into the site with what I thought was my password. Maybe I just need to start from fresh.
what is your user name there? Mine as elsewhere is Sokee.

laverneboese said...

Hey there so DO NOT look 45!!! You look great...and sometimes I guess we need those little reminders to help us slow down and remember what's truly important in our have such a positive, uplifting attitude. I hope your back feels better soon :)

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

First let me start off by saying you don't look close to 4"anything"!! Thank you too for your comments on my blog. Saw you design for LRS - I just got their Oct. kit!! Love what you did with it!! Hope your back starts feeling better.

Rita said...

Sorry to hear about your back :( You definitely don't look middle-aged! Thanks for your inspirational message today!

Carla said...

Kristii, you ARE NOT old!!! 45 was the beginning of a wonderful new life for me, so look at it as a brand new beginning! Yea the aches and pains don't go away as fast. I will be the big 5-0 in a few months, so to me you are just a young one!! Hang in there girl, you are a wonderful person! Carla

Lisa Spiegel said...

Kristii, you can't be old because I am right on your heels only 2 years behind you- my kids are too young for me to be stop it now!!

Staci said...

Gosh, 45 is still so young! I remember thinking 60 was so old, and now that my parents are in their 60's, I still think they are so young! Amazing how your perspective changes once you're an adult, huh? :-) I think a new computer chair is a great idea for your aching back! Happy early b-day girl!

Denise said...

45? Are you sure? I think you are lying about that and you are really 30. Truly.