Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it Monday already???

I tell you, I feel like I have lost a week of my life!!  I have been sick for the past week, and this nasty bug just won't leave me alone!!  I am afraid I am going to have go in and make sure it isn't strep.  I just hate going to the doctor, but enough is enough!!

I was able to complete a couple of layouts this weekend though!!   This layout is for Scrapping the Music #81 featuring This is Me by Demi Lovato.  Journaling states:  I know things are difficult, but God has a purpose for you!  Even in the difficult times, he is with you!  He will never leave you!!   

I used my Studio Calico kit for this one.  I don't use Maya Mists very often, but I had some fun with the red mist on this layout!!  I am so amazed at how evenly it sprays.  If you haven't tried them out, you should! They are a lot of fun to play with!!

I hope that one day my sweet girl will see that God had her in this place at this time for a reason.  Esther is a perfect example of how God mysteriously works throught difficulties.  Esther was put in that place at that time for a specific purpose and He has a plan for my sweet girl as well.

I say this because My Bible Study is going through the Book of Esther with Beth Moore and it is a fantastic study!!!  Here is a synopsis:

 Its Tough Being a Woman. Esther may have been a queen, but her life was no fairy tale. An outsider, a foreigner, and an orphan, she found herself facing an evil plan to destroy her people. And you thought your life was hard! The Old Testament story of Esther is a profile in courage and contains many modern parallels for today's overloaded and stressed woman. You can share Esthers destinyeven if your glass slipper no longer seems to fit. 

If you ever get a chance to go throught this Bible Study, I highly reccommend it.  It is wonderful!

I should be posting some sneaks in the next few days as I have been working on my Little Red Scrapbook designs.  This month's  kit has been a blast to work with!

I have also finished a layot for the So Sketchy Blog!!!  It is one of my favorites, but it isn't going to post until the end of the month.  I just can't wait to share!!

Well, I am off to work on my LRS designs some more then I am heading to the doctor.  
Hope you have a fabulous day!!



Lisa T. Howard said...

Kristii, I hope you are feeling better sad to hear you are sick...and strep??? UGH! Love the layout and the journaling...such a beautiful reminder to us all. Can't wait to see your other projects. Take care of yourself and get well SOON!!! XOXO

Mary Jo said...

Kristii, I am so sorry you have been sick! I hope you feel better!!

And I love the story of Esther!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kristi!!!! I hope U feel better soon! :):):):):):):) LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the LO....such gorgeous colors and loveeeeeeeeeee the MESSAGE! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Julie said...

Oh Missy K this is just stunning I love it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mara... said...

Oh kristii, I hope you get better soon!! NO fun being sick, hopefully the doctor can give you something to speed the healing along!!

That LO is gorgeous!!!! Love the red and the Maya Mist. Just beautiful!!

Tessa said...

beautifull layout!!!

Jocelyn said...

So sorry that this bug will not go away, I am sending you get well wishes and prayers!!!! I just adore the LO you did for STM!!! I going to try to do another one this week!!!! i love the story of Esther and need to study this!!!! Can't wait to see all the rest of what you are working on!!! Please take time to heal! Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday, sweet friend. I left you a little something on my Blog!!!!

Carla said...

Love your layouts for the Scrap the Music blog!! I hope to one day try and take part in that, I have loved the songs they pick for the challenge! Hope you get to feeling better!!!

D. Marie said...

I was going to ask you if you had used some spray on your sounds like a neat idea...and turned out pretty cool looking. I hope you're feeling better. I was sick as a dog a few weeks ago...101 fever and all! I never took myself to the doctors and wished I had. Take care of yourself.