Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little kink in the road!!

Hi everyone!!
I trust your Thursday is treating you well!

Last night we had a little kink in our road! Benny was having severe neck pain and had been feeling nauseous and had a terrible headache and fever. We thought we should take him to Urgent Care just to be safe. They thought it would be best to take him to the ER to rule out meningitis. The poor boy had to have a spinal tap, but the test results turned out negative, thank goodness!! He was given some medication for the pain and you can tell in this picture that it was working!!
Today he is still feeling terrible...(he doesn't have any more of the medication the ER nurse gave him, lol). He is in bed letting the illness run its course. The worst part is, he is missing the last regular season game today. He was quite angry about that, but we want him better for the playoffs!!!

Little Red Scrapbook Challenge!!!

I want to invite you all over to Little Red Scrapbook for a little challenge!!!
This month's kit features Webster's Pages papers and I think that the
papers are so pretty I thought it would be fun to do a layout about ourselves, but not just any layout.....

Write about what you love most about yourself. It could be something physical or a personality trait or whatever comes to mind. Think of the one thing you wouldn't change about yourself for anything!

This will be good for all of us to do!! So many of us focus on the things we don't like about will be good to focus on the positives and will be a good memory of ourselves to leave for our families!!

I chose to focus on my eyes. You can tell if I am happy, sad, angry or excited just by looking into my eyes. . My eyes tell the whole story!! "My eyes are the windows to my heart"
The photo in the layout was taken by my sweet friend Susan Beth Breuner!!! Thanks Susan Beth!!!

The key is painted with Ranger's distress crackle paint in antique bronze. I also cut apart the Hambly transparency and layered it along with my patterned papers. I just love those birdcages!!

I am having a blast working with these papers!!! If you haven't gotten your October kit, you better hurry!! These aren't going to last for long!!!!

Have a great day everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!!!



Beth said...

My poor brother! Man, I want to be there for him!!! Your layout is pretty, I like it a lot Mom. Miss ya!

Lorry said...

Get well soon Benny!! Kristii, I left you something on my blog. I love the layout and the challenge.. Very pretty eyes too!
Hope your day goes well.

Susan Beth said...

Poor Ben! I am so glad you've had him checked out because those are some frightening symptoms! Good mom to have her camera at the ER! And Prayers for him to get better and better. Love the layout! Recognized those eyes before I saw it was from one of my photos! Glad to see you getting some use from those photos!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh my! A spinal tap? That couldn't have been fun. I hope Benny gets to feeling better soon.

Love that gorgeous layout about your truly beautiful eyes. Fantastic challenge!

Mary Jo said...

I am so, so sorry Benny isn't feeling well. So smart to play it safe though. I hope he feels better soon!!

Beautiful layout, Kristii!!!

Jenn said...

Hope he has a speedy recovery....
On another note I need some of that crackle paint (Rock Candy) right that possible?? Let me know...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope he feels better soon!!!! I know he's probably mad about the game.....but its better for him to get better first!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO......PERFECT title and YOUR EYES are AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Carla said...

Kristii, I am so glad there was nothing terriby wrong with Benny and glad he is doing much better!!
Your layout is absolutely gorgeous as usual, and what pretty blue eyes you have!! They really sparkle with personality!

Mara... said...

Your poor Benny! I hope he's feeling better soon, it's no fun being sick like that.

And what an amazing layout of you Kristii. I love all the little details and what an awesome challenge. We sure don't praise ourselves enough, do we???

Kathie said...

Benny pray that you are feeling heaps better!!! Not good missing the game, but your are needing health to do other things!!! Take care!! Kristii I lovvvveeeeee your LO's! Especially the eyes one!
Love Kathie

IRW Dana said...

Kristii, praying Bennie gets well soon. No matter how old they are it's still hard when their sick. And what a great sport to smile for a picture at the hospital.