Monday, June 16, 2008


I am going to make myself write this post. I miss my kids so much and I think I just wanted to wait a while before I wrote about taking them to Seattle. The moving caravan included Matt and Beth, Ed and I, and Matt's parents and little brother. We really had a great time together, but it was a very long drive to Seattle! Taking them to Seattle was a very good thing! We were able to see their apartment, meet their apartment manager and see the area that they will call home. I was very comforted by the fact that they seem to live in a safe community. Their apartment has a lot of character and the grounds are just beautiful! They have an awesome clubhouse at their apartment complex that includes an indoor pool, basketball court, racquetball court, bigscreen tv, full gym and tanning bed. Wow!!

Here is a picture of their building. The bottom window is their living room.
Here are Bethany and Matt carrying in boxes. They look so happy!!

Here is a picture of Beth by their fireplace. Very cozy!!

Here is the other side of the living room. Poor kids had a lot of work ahead of them, but I think that they are almost all unpacked now!

Of course, we did a little sight seeing! We took the ferry over to Seattle and explored Pike Market and we also took in the Underground tour! Very interesting! Here are both families in Poulsbo. Very fun town!

We had a great time even though the Mom's were tremendously emotional! It was so hard to leave, but we are planning on heading back to Seattle in August. Can't wait!

Finally, I did a layout for therapy (which always helps those emotional times!). I decided to enter the Last Scrapper Standing for Create My Keepsake. I know I don't have a prayer, but it was fun and I am going to challenge myself all summer. I want to become a better scrapper and what better way to do that? Any way here is my take on Challenge #1-scrap your weakness.

My kids are my greatest weakness. I love them with all of my heart and I am at the stage in life where I have to let them go. {sob!} One of the arrows in the layout is pointing to the Uhaul sign that says: Uhaul-makes moving easier...journaling states: This isn't necessarily true from a Mother's perspective...ha, ha, ha. 2nd journaling spot states: Being a mom was all I ever wanted to be! I have enjoyed every moment, but this has been the most difficult yet rewarding part~the letting go!
With a tear in my eye, I wish you a very happy day!!


Denise said...

So this is the reward for being a wonderful mother? :o( Although moving out and being self-sufficient is the intended goal when having kids, it doesn't seem fair. :o) Instead there should be balloons, confetti and a house magically appearing next door to your house for the kids to move to. Wishful thinking! I bet that was about the hardest thing you have ever had to do. If it makes you feel a bit better, my brother lives in Seattle and loves it. Feels it is the safest place he has ever lived.

rmeyfe said...

I love your layout!! It is so colorful and full of movement!! Great job!!

Elisa said...

LOL @ Denise!

That must have been a hard thing to do, let your baby go!

Love the LO, good luck with the challenge!

karen akaliz said...

so sweet! wonderful layout. i'm not looking forward to this day at all however. it must have been very hard!

Susan Beth said...

I will vote for you in the Last scrapper standing. It looks like a beautiful place for our kids to get a good start! I know your heart is breaking, but I also know that you are growing and they are growing! You will be okay!!!!!! God has a plan with all of this, which you know, and He doesn't create bad plans!

Anonymous said...

oh i love that page! and seattle is the BEST place to visit, so you should plan lots of trips! :)