Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A most amazing weekend!!!

Last weekend we took a drive into Yellowstone National Park and it was totally amazing. You could certainly tell it was Spring! There were babies galore! The little buffalo babies were so cute! It is hard to believe they grow to be so big and beastly!
We also saw a grizzly bear sow and her cub, but of course we were not close enough to take pictures. Oh well, better to be safe than sorry!! The most magnificent sight of the day however, belongs to a baby elk who we happened upon that was less than an hour old. I am so amazed that its mama decided to birth her baby right by the side of the road. I will never forget how wobbly he was when he tried to stand for the first time. So cute!! His Mama was so tender with him, it almost brought tears to my eyes. I think I took at least 100 photos, but they will never do that amazing sight justice. I will be forever blessed to see such an amazing moment!!
We drove around the bottom half of the Park. I was amazed at the amount of snow and ice that have not yet melted. It made for beautiful pictures though. Another treat for the senses was the Yellowstone River. It was full of ice and as the ice ran under Fishing Bridge, the sounds were amazing. It sounded like thousands of crystals clinking and tinkling together. Totally amazing! On the last leg of our journey we went around to Gibbon Falls. No snow there, but the scene was gorgeous!

I feel so blessed to live in Southwestern Montana. Such an amazing and beautiful place! I hope you all can experience it some time in your lives!!

I hope you have a fantastic week!!



Susan Beth said...

Wow! Amazing photos. Love the baby elk! And your description of the river sounds with the ice! I'm itching to get there again myself. Maybe in the next week or so!

karen akaliz said...

these are simply amazing photos. beautiful!

Sharie said...

What beautiful photography - those baby animal pictures are awesome.

vtpuggirl said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like an amazing time!

2H Design said...

WOW!!! I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone!

And to see such a young baby!!! Cool, huh?

And the baby buffalo... was he getting his little horns yet?? They are the CUTEST little things! (my uncle runs a heard of them on his montana ranch!)

Mara... said...

Beautiful photos! I so hope to get there someday! And welcome to 2SCD, can't wait to chat with you more!